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Carolina Premier 4 Way Mosquito Assault!

Guaranteed Monthly Plans For Continuous Protection From Low Country Mosquitoes All Season Long

Guaranteed Success

Never has there been a more comprehensive and successful Mosquito Abatement program in the Low Country.

Carolina Premier Pest Control performs a comprehensive 4 part treatment to guarantee success against mosquitoes no matter the conditions. If you are not joyfully happy with the results you won’t pay a cent!

Our Comprehensive 3 Part Treatment

Adulticide Treatment

All non-flowering vegetation on your property is treated with a residual product resulting in a huge 80% reduction of adult mosquito activity within the 1st day!

Larvacide Treatment

All areas or potential areas of standing water on the property are treated with a larvacide granule preventing the reproduction of mosquito population.

This is an important part of the overall success of the program.

All Natural Repellent

Repellents used in sensitive areas containing flowering vegetation. Protection of pollinators is our number one concern!

Final Feed Mosquito Bait

Top off the ultimate mosquito treatment with Final Feed mosquito bait. Our baiting system uses mosquitoes’ appetites against them. Our proprietary, non-toxic formula includes natural fruit juices to bait hungry mosquitoes and deliver a lethal dose of microencapsulated garlic. The formula suppresses blood-feeding, kills a majority within 1-2 days and collapses populations by over 90% in 2-3 weeks.

All Mosquito service comes with a free service guarantee, If we have to come back before your next service it’s on us!

If you are not satisfied with the results we gladly honor our 100% guarantee with no questions asked!

Call today to set up a complete mosquito abatement evaluation. A licensed professional will create a customized plan to ensure a successful program and discuss pricing options. There is never any sales pressure or obligation, only helpful information so you can make a comfortable decision about whether our program will fit your needs.

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