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Final Feed Mosquito Bait

Final Feed Mosquito BaitTop off the ultimate mosquito treatment with Final Feed mosquito bait. Our baiting system uses mosquitoes’ appetites against them. Our proprietary, non-toxic formula includes natural fruit juices to bait hungry mosquitoes and deliver a lethal...

All-Natural Repellent

All Natural RepellentRepellents used in sensitive areas containing flowering vegetation. The protection of pollinators is our number one concern!Contact Us

Larvacide Treatment

Larvacide TreatmentAll areas or potential areas of standing water on the property are treated with a larvacide granule preventing reproduction of mosquito population. This is an important part of the overall success of the program.Contact Us

Adulticide Treatment

AdulticideAll non flowering vegetation on your property is treated with a residual product resulting in a huge 80% reduction of adult mosquito activity within the 1st day!Contact Us

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